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ABT-Angel business & Trading is a company focuses on business consulting, agent of company brand and import & export trading, which is a trading platform that could help food and kitchenware products trading in the worldwide. We helps manufacturers through optimize the allocation of resources to get into the target market with higher efficiency and lower cost.

Our company is based on Shanghai, Which concentrate on helping the enterprises from micro to median size, especially in western part of China, to marketing their product into the worldwide. We also introduce the high standard product from all over the world to get into Chinese market.

Our company has successfully been operating a series of high quality products including porcelain, tea, wine, olive oil and other imported food. We believe a good product should be introduced to a new market to satisfy customers and improve their life quality timely. We are not only providing best products and designs, but also offering the most competitive service price.

Our service areas include but not limited to manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, retail shops and also media customers.

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