Adega Cooperativa Vila Nova de Tazem

Adega Cooperativa Vila Nova de Tazem

Established in 1954, the winery co-op of Vila Nova de Tazem since its inception conceived their facilities as a cooperative. The main goal of co-op Vila Nova de Tazem has been to receive and vinify grapes grown by its associated winegrowers from the typical varietals of Dão region.

With almost 60 years of existence, the notoriety and sobriety of its brands emphasizes the accuracy of this wine cellar that meets the quality standards of the Dão Demarcated region.

The first harvest occurred in 1967 ate existing facilities and 198 associated winegrowers delivered graps.

In the first years of activity all the production was only sold in bulk.

Gradually the winery began to sell its bottled wines. In 1980 appears the first brand "Encosta da Estrela".

In 1985 the co-op achieves an important step in it's history by becoming the first of it's kind at Dão Region to have a linear capping machine. At the same time it is launched into the market the brand "Pedra D'Orca".

Meanwhile, several updatings are carried out both in terms of equipment, adapting the first facilities to the new producers in reception areas, winemaking, storage, bottling and shipping.

Along the way the quality of our wine has been recognized through the various awards we received. The highest award achieved was the gold medal in 2001 at Vinalis-Paris.

Currently, the winery co-op has a broad portfolio, selling wine, sparkling wine and Portuguese aguardente. The production per year is around 2 million of bottles of several brands and segments, giving special impotance to the Dão DOP wine.