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Georgia, located in the meeting point of the Europe and Asia, is the native land of a vine and vineyard. It is located between the Black Sea coast and Caucasian mountains that creates ideal climatic conditions. The Caucasus, with its almost 5000 meter high mountains, protects Georgia from streams of cold air from the north, and Black sea promotes flow of warm air to the country. Various climatic zones in Georgia are conducive to wonderful diversity of the flora and therefore WWF considers this country as one of the most important environmental regions of the World.
History of viticulture


In Georgia the viticulture has approximately 5000 years tradition. Archeological excavations in different places have found approximately 4000 years old grape stones, tools and utensils. A silvered vine, dated approximately 2500 years B.C., is exhibited in National Museum in Tbilisi.

It is assumed, that in 6 century B.C. the vine culture was not only developed in Georgia, but wine was already exported to Greece and Persia.

The symbol of Georgian Orthodox church, the cross from a grapevine which is tied up by St. Nina`s hair, testifies that the Christian faith and vine are the integral relics of the country. At the time of tsar of Russia, Georgian wine and sparkling wines acquired the special place and role and it still remains to be the case today.

The wine law of 2002 created a legal framework for viticulture / wine-making and put these activities under control to meet the international standards.

Wine, as one of the main components of culture, is not as common in other Caucasian countries as in Georgia. This cultural heritage is reflected in a monument of Mother of Georgia. In the left hand she holds wine drinking bowl for friends, and in the right - a sword for enemies.

A variety of sorts of local vines, perfect soil, the best climatic conditions and over a century`s long tradition of preparing sparkling wines by classical method of second fermentation in bottles, are excellent preconditions for creation of the best sparkling wine having a taste with unique nuances.
Georgia is a motherland of viticulture and cultivated vine. Bagrationi 1882 well acknowledges the responsibility imposed by the greater traditions of the country.

Bagrationi 1882

Georgian Royal Tradition

JSC Bagrationi 1882 is the first specialized company in Georgian producing sparkling wine in Georgia. The Company was founded in 1937. Nowadays Bagrationi 1882 is the leader of sparkling wines market in Georgia.

The name of JSC Bagrationi 1882 is connected to the name of Georgian Kings descendent Ivane Bagrationi –Mukhraneli, who started production of Georgian sparkling wines using French method of second fermentation in bottles in the middle of XIX century. For the first time the production acquired the world-wide acknowledgment in 1882 in Saint-Petersburg where it was awarded the highest prize - Grand Prix on the International Exhibition.

Nowadays, after 125 years, JSC Bagrationi 1882 is the most popular not only on the local market but throughout the entire Caucasus as well.

Georgia, located at Black Sea coast, surrounded by the Caucasian mountains, is then native land of winemaking and vineyards. Bagrationi 1882 well acknowledges the responsibility of Georgian wine culture and traditions retaining. Such a high requirement towards the quality of the production is the obvious evidence thereto.

Bagrationi 1882 plant is completely updated and equipped with the advanced Italian installations. Wine champagnization is implemented through bottle as well as reservoir method.
Along with well-developed material and technical basis Bagrationi 1882 possesses own vineyards within the most prestigious micro zones of Georgia in Imeteri and Kartli regions.

Experience and contemporary technologies merging is the most favorable precondition for the sparkling wine production with the best, unique taste.