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Who we are

Bodegas Care

Bodegas Añadas was founded in the very heart of the D.O. Cariñena, an historic area that in again emerging onto the world stage. The project of this winery can be described as highly exclusive, innovative and committed.

The bodega is a result of careful and meticulous planning. The winery begins fron an innovative project where each of its essential elements has been verified. From the choice of de vineyard, exclusively based on the quality of the fruit, to the state of the art equipment and a superb infrastructure for a perfect vinification, control and ageing, the whole process has been designed fusing the respect of vineyard., the grape and therefore resulting in a modern and ground-breaking wine.

Where we are

Bodegas Care

Designation of Origin. 45 km south of Zaragoza, Autonomous Community of Aragón.

Founded in 1932, this is the oldest designation of origin in Aragón, and one of the oldest in Spain, together with La Rioja and Jerez. More than 75 years growing vines and making wine, with quality as our sole premise.
Production area: 16,000 hectares.

In Roman times, in the 3rd century before Christ, Care, the original name of today's Cariñena, was outstanding for its wine production. This is a designation of origin characterised by specialisation, generation after generation, in vine growing and wine making.

Bodegas Care

Physical and geographical characteristics:

· Vineyards at a height between 900 and 500 m above sea level.
· Between 2,000 and 2,800 hours of sunlight yield ripe fruit full of intense aroma.
· Climate: Continental-Mediterranean.
· Cierzo wind. Constant cold, dry wind from the north. This wind contributes to the dry climate.
· Strong contrast between day and night-time temperatures: 10º C difference.
· Stony, unproductive soil.
· Little rainfall: 350 to 450 mm.


Bodegas Care

100% of Bodegas Care wines come from our own vineyards. The vineyards comprise four estates, the largest of which are the Bancales and Cadillos estates, each covering 50 hectares. In addition, Peña Negra and Zagalcerro are characterised by their steep slopes. These vineyards are within between 5 and 10 km from the winery and provide the raw material giving Care wines their strength, personality, and character.

Bodegas Care


Bodegas Care

Night harvest of all varieties except Grenache and Muscat of Alexandria.

Grapes are harvested at night due to the low temperatures. In this way, the grapes reach the winery at a temperature of approximately 9ºC. In the case of grapes harvested by day, they can reach temperatures of between 22-30ºC. In this way we save energy and slow down the enzymatic processes.

Use of peristaltic pump: Use of the peristaltic pump ensures that the grapes are processed very gently, without crushing or breaking them.

Bodegas Care

Fermentation tank in the shape of a truncated cone: The truncated cone shape of the tanks makes it easier to handle the cap (the solid parts in suspension left floating on the surface of the must).

Vertical hydraulic presses: This type of press, like those used in the past, does not break or crush the grape skin, obtaining a pressed wine of extremely high quality. However, production is much lower than in other types of press, and much more work is required. These presses are equipped with a computer to control time and pressure.
Testing tanks: used to study experiments carried out in the field. So, we carry out micro-winemaking using different clones, varieties, and growing techniques.


1. Controlled temperature 16-18 ºC
2. Ageing in metal cages with 588 bottles / cage
3. Bottle ageing area: 700 m2

Bodegas Care