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Casal do Ramilo

Ramilo Family Wines is a Portuguese company established in 1937, borno f the will of its founder, Manuel Francisco Ramilo, to work the land of steep slopes of the river Lizandro, close to Mafra.

Along 4 generations, the family Ramilo has grown since distribute wines in small barrels to modern winemacking techniques, which definitely revealed the unique potential of Portuguese wines.

The Casal Ramilo farm is located close to Mafra, overlooking both the Palace of Sintra as the Convent of Mafra.

Despite the regions proximity to the sea, the river valley Lizandro and numerous streams that flow into it, creating a very characteristic microclimate with mornings and nights cold and warm afternoon, when temperatures are around 30ºC.

This climatic balance, associated with the rocky nature of the soil of the region, enables the creation of very special wines, with a not always easy to achieve balance in other regions of the country.