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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml),80-100-0001

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)

Unit: bottle

Capacity/ml: 250

Loading rate: 12

Bar code: 5204558170450

Producer: Greece is the birthplace of olive oil in the world, is the world most the high grade of olive oil producer, has a history of 6000 years, is one of the world's three largest producer of olive oil, its annual output accounts for more than 25% of world production, with extra virgin olive oil accounted for over 80% of the total world output.

Region: Crete is the world's most high-quality olive oil producing region, is the ancestor of Greek olive oil, have a high need to grow the most suitable soil and temperature, sunshine, air, humidity, and rainfall and other weather conditions, and the traditional way of artificial cultivation and harvest.

Olive varieties: Koroneiki is the world's most high-quality variety of olives, the species can only Eng inventory on Crete, the olive fruit yield efficiency and beneficial polyphenols content is the highest of all the olive tree species, the most nutritious.

Manufacturing methods: pure physical cold pressed is the most appropriate manufacturing method in the world today, olive fruit 4-12 hours after picking, adopts pure physical cold pressing process directly from the olive fruit extract and obtain, all natural ingredients.