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FOKIANO (Messinia),70-100-0018

FOKIANO (Messinia)

FOKIANO (Messinia)

Country of origin: Greece(original bottle)

Region: Messinia

Wine type: Dry red

Grape Variety: Fokiano,Grenache Rouge

Bar Code: 5204558170429

Level: PGI

Year: 2010

Net Content: 750ml

Alcohol Content: 12%vol

Storage: Best in the environment  as below:humidity:60%-70%, Tempreture:18℃

Feature: This wine is made from Trifilia and Pylia Cru, made by 20% Fokiano and 80% Grenache Rouge. The wine appears bright red ,tasting smooth and sweet as red berries ,well balanced.

Suggestion: Drinking with spicy food ,spicy cheese and poultry food. The best drinking temperature should be between 16°to 18°.