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"Più Uve Unico Plus" Rosso Tarantino igt

"Più Uve Unico Plus" Rosso Tarantino igt

Name: "Più Uve Unico Plus" Rosso Tarantino igt

Appellation: Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Area of Origin: The vineyards from which this wine comes are concentrated South East of the town of Taranto, on the slightly wavy hills that take advantage of the Ionan see breezes. This product is made with grapes that have been left on the vine till they have reached an optimal state of over ripeness.

Hints of the Vineyard: Once grapes bunches reach ripeness they are left on the vine for a further period so that their typical tannins are softened.

The only way to ensure this is for the wine maker to assiduously taste the grapes, and to pick only when he is certain that the pulp and pips are completely ripe and the skins are intact, firm and fleshy. This delicate balance between soft ripe tannins and intensely coloured skins is the secret at the heart of Più Uve Unico. Handpicked at the perfect moment, whole bunches of grapes are manually delivered to small stainless steel fermentation tanks in the winery. This is where the uniqueness of Più Uve Unico is consecrated. The weight of the whole bunches crushes those at the base releasing must that is then inoculated with selected yeast strains. This causes alcoholic fermentation. The resulting carbon vapours initiate intra cellular fermentation in the bunches above. In this complex process the skin's colour and precious aromas migrate into the pulp. So as to avoid any extraction of hard, bitter tannins this phase lasts no more than three days. Then the fermenting juice is racked off and the whole bunches are soft pressed with the densely coloured and aromatic must flowing into the fermenting wine. A slow fermentation at the controlled temperature of 12 degrees Celsius follows for 2 or 3 weeks, ensuring that the rich, primary fruit aromas are maintained. Malolactic fermentation guarantees additional softness. Più uve unico is a complex wine and this comes with time.

After fermentation the wine spends some months in oak casks before transfer to stainless steel tanks. After bottling the wine is further aged and the released.

The result is a wine like no other – truly "Unico" (unique).

Vinification: Full berries are initially macerated in small containers where the intracellular fermentation takes place first.
This macerating process lasts two or three days. Afterwards, the fermentation slowly completes its process, in two or three weeks,
at low temperature, in order to maintain all aromas.

Ageing: Più Uve Unico Plus ages in barrels for some months, then in stainless steel vats and at last in bottles.

Grape Variety: A forceful blend of International grape varieties

Tasting Notes: Più Uve Unico Plus is a deep black cherry colour with a thin brilliant red rim. The complex aromas include lifted notes of raspberry jam, spiced and stewed plum, cherry brandy with a backdrop of dark chocolate. To the palate, it is dense, silky and soft; its tannins and acidity are perfectly balanced.
The finish is lingering with cherry notes harmoniously blending with the Shiraz' white pepper.

Food Pairing Notes: Più Uve Unico Plus can be enjoyed on its own or with distinctly flavoured foods including: game, spicy dishes, mature cheeses and strongly flavoured seafood (particularly if served with soya sauce and wasabi). A wine that is in every way UNICO. Serving temperature: 16 - 18 °C.

Ageing Potential: 70 months

Average Alcohol percentage: 14.5%

• SILVER MEDAL at the 2011 Vinalies International Paris
• SILVER MEDAL at the 2011 Concours Mondial - Bruxelles
• BRONZE MEDAL at the 2011 SIWC - Shanghai
• COMMENDED at the 2011 Decanter World Wine Awards
• GOLD MEDAL at the 2010 Berliner Wein Trophy
• SILVER MEDAL at the 2010 AWC Vienna