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Mihalis Boutaris Selections is the leading family business of Greek vintners. a fifth-generation winemaker. Boutari Wineries is still a family-owned business listed in the Athens Stock Exchange. With its six wineries around the major wine appellations of Greece, Boutari is the leading exporter of Greek wine globally. The brand hallmark is value for money. Since 1879 Boutari wines have become synonymous with the daily quality of life highlighting the long history of Greek culture, the pure r treasures of the Greek soil, and its blessed Mediterranean climate.

Trained at the University of California at Davis, Mihalis is involved in the making and marketing of the wines within the Permanent Collection. The wines in the Periodic Collection are sourced and bundled based on themes that are tailored-made for our customers. By combining his lifetime experience and knowledge of these wines and the local wine market Mihalis selects the most suitable products and pieces for the Chinese consumer.



Kir-Yianni Estate

spearheading the revolution in contemporary Greek wine

The “Xinomavro specialists”, Modern-style and terroir-driven crus

Five generations of winemaking

75Haof privately-grown vineyards

50,000 cases, exports in 15countries



Domaine Sigalas produces the most popular Greek wines in Michelin-star restaurants around the world. Winemaker Paris Sigalas has a creative relationship with the unique traditions of Santorini island, where the winery is located. His hand-crafted and tech savvy approach gives consistently artisanal and award-winning wines for connoisseurs.